Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer for Your Needs!

Today we are introduced to the world of cleaning the home to talk about the best pressure washers that have become very fashionable in recent years and have imposed themselves as a great system to clean in depth and comfortably.

A pressure washer is a cleaning machine consisting of a device that has a motor inside that takes water from the tank and increases the pressure to be able to remove it by the gun of exit with a great pressure to be able to clean more deeply and More firmly descaling or in the form of steam to disinfect more deeply.

According to the area to be cleaned has different nozzles and accessories to make the water jet pressure in one way or another, as well as the steam outlet. Since it is not the same to clean a car, to clean a garden, the walls of the house, or the pavement of it.

Therefore we can include the cleaning machines inside the sector of the appliances or cleaning machines that will allow us to carry out cleaning tasks in a faster, deeper and more comfortable way.

If you are thinking of buying a power washer, we have prepared a comparison with the best pressure washers regarding value for money and contrasted opinions of people who have already bought it. But before we tell you some details that you have to take into account to buy the best pressure cleaner, which you are interested in taking into account. Keep reading!.

How is the operation of a pressure washer?

Here the fundamental characteristic is the water pressure to which it works that makes it so effective. The water is introduced into the reservoir of the pressure washer, and through a pump, the pressure of the pump is increased.

Then through the outlet gun and depending on the nozzle we have put it will come out more concentrated or dispersed but at a great pressure that will make it clear the most difficult dirt, and in case we want to be an able disinfectant, can convert it into Water vapor for deeper cleaning.

Pressure cleaners convert the tap water pressure that usually comes out at a pressure of 3 bars at a pressure of more than 100 bars depending on the model of the pressure washer we have bought so that we can imagine the cleaning power of the same.

Even some models of pressure washers carry a tank to be able to introduce soap and water and soap mixed, so the utility is impressive, to be able to clean the car, clean the garden or the pool when empty, the exterior walls even inside House, for a deeper cleaning of the floor and blinds.

In the market we can find 2 types of pressure washers, which work connected to the mains, have a plug that connects to electricity (these are the most sold) and those that run on gasoline, in case we need a large Mobility and we do not have access to the electricity grid, as in new works where light has not yet been discharged for example. Experts from RBE suggest some Karcher models that are worth checking out –

What do I know before buying a pressure washer?

There are characteristics that differentiate pressure cleaners from others, and it is interesting to take them into account to make the best possible purchase according to our needs.

Working pressure and power level

We have to ask ourselves if we are going to have to clean a very embedded dirt regularly, or if we want to clean it instead of going to a washing tunnel or using the pressure guns there.

At a higher level of cleaning demand, we must buy more pressure washer.

Accessories are available.

About how to use a power washer more efficiently and to take full advantage of it. We have to take into account the accessories that are available depending on the use that we are going to give. Since there are concrete accessories with different types of nozzles for example if what we are going to use the pressure washer is for cleaning the interior of the house, or if we are going to use it to clean the car, or if we are interested in a rotary nozzle To clean lichens and moss.

Therefore, once we have chosen the pressure washer with the power of pressure that fits our needs, we must buy the complementary accessories to give the maximum utility to it.

What Maintenance Does a Pressure Washer Need?

These cleaners are very compact and resistant, but to extend their life apart from using it correctly we have to take into account some tips for the maintenance of the pressure washer:

  • When we finish performing the cleaning work with the washer, we must empty it of water to decompress the machine. And in the case of having used soap, we must also empty the same.
  • The water to be used in these pressure washers must be tap water, which is already treated to be clean water, it is not convenient to pour water from the pool, or from a drum, or irrigation water that is not suitable for the Consumption as it may include dirt and fungus that could damage the machine inside.
  • Although they are hard and tough machines, the best thing to do when we finish with them is to leave them in the warehouse or the cleaning room and not leave it out in the open.

What are the best brands of pressure washers?

Among the brands of pressure cleaners, there is one that stands out above all others and is the Karcher brand. In fact, many times the name of this brand is used, to talk about them, just as when talking about yogurts we referred to them as Danish is the trademark, with the Karcher the same thing happens.

Karcher is synonymous with quality, power, and guarantee in the world of pressure washers, and we will see that in the comparative ranking price-quality ratio occupy the top positions, although there are other options with interesting prices that we must take into account.

Anyway if you want to stay up to date with the latest Karcher brand I recommend you follow your twitter account.

Cheap Electric Pressure Washer Cleaning Machines?

Within the comparison of the best water coolers with the best value for money that we bring you have not included those that are cheaper or cheaper since most of the time buying the cheapest is synonymous with having to buy twice. That is why in our comparison we have put the best value for money and with contrasted opinions of people who bought it before you and have been using it for a long time.

For a small difference in price it is always interesting to go to a clean and high-quality cleaning machine, since it will last us for many years, and if we divide what we pay for the number of years that will last us, we will see that they actually come cheaper than Which purchase are cheaper, but of worse quality.

Ranking of the best

And now we start with the ranking of the best price-quality pressure washers on the market. The first one that I will put you is the high end but super complete with an eco function to save water, then we will see the range of the meter and finally the most normal range, I do not put low quality, because they do not have low quality, Have less performance, less power, fewer accessories, but are of great quality, so it is a matter of your budget and needs while making a decision.